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As a part of our new version 4 release I have taken on a complete overhaul of our website. Part of this update includes a change to how the score tables work.

Due to some bad coding on my part the old site was in fact bringing my server down so it was offline for quite some time. This new site looks nicer, has a few performance changes and altered scoreboard functionality. The new scoreboards are accessible from the Scores & Stats menu on this website.

This is a summary of how the scores now work.

Delay on score updates to improve performance

As I mentioned before the old site was causing some server problems. This was mainly due to some bad coding on my part to integrate the score database with a content management system. Basically it was getting bombarded with internet bots spidering its pages. Whilst ‘good bots’ like google tend to behave when I tell them not to, others do not. For a while I brought the website down as it was the quickest solution to the problem, scores were still being collected in the background though. The new site has caching built into it which hopefully will stop these bots overloading my server with database requests. A result of this is that scores are not updated in real time any more. Scores are registered in the database instantly, but are  only updated on the front end after a few minutes. So if you wonder why your recent win does not register this is why! No Panics! 😉

This Months Top Scores Table

Another important change I have made to the main score tables is to introduce a time based system. The old score tables became somewhat irrelevent before as players who had played for a longer time naturally had much higher scores than new players. Sometimes this would become so extreme there would be no real incentive for new players to even try. So to counter this I have added a Count Down each month. At the end of this countdown, the main scores for each player is reset. There current monthly score will also be held in a ‘Trophy Table’ of last months scores. If this one month period prooves to be too long I will make it fortnightly or weekly. I should point out it is ONLY the score that is reset. Kills, Deaths etc are not reset and are visible in the main table anyway for convenience. Likewise the lifetime score is still visible on this main score table.

Last Months Scores Table

Last months scores can be seen on this table along with a trophy reward. I have more planned for the future in the way of prizes etc. So stay tuned on this one. This table is replaced each month with the current scores when they are reset.

PvP & NPC rolling 30 days scores

These two tables both work in a similar way. They are not reset on a monthly bases however but show the last 30 days from todays date. As such these tables are always changing from day to day. As with the main score table my intention is to make sure they do not go stale. They show the number of PvP fights won and NPC Monster killed by the top 100 players for the past 30 day period. Both of these tables can be filtered for specific regions only. So if you have a club on your own region you can view the players with the wins just for your region. Currently there are not a lot of NPCs, I will be bringing this aspect to the game back shortly after the version 4 HUDs are Release.

Last 100 fight logs

You can lookup the past 100 fights on the grid from this table.

Find Player Stats

If you want to lookup your own scores you can do so using the search box on this page. In the future additional information will be added to this such as quest information and possibly optional profile information.

What is the score and how is it calculated?

So one final point I want to talk about is what score is and how it is calculated. In the early days combat evolution scores worked in a very simple way. (ie. Player kills another payer and gets a fixed number of points.) This was highly inadequate as people could just sit killing an alt and rack up huge scores. I asked a statistician friend in RL what I could do about this and they helped me out with an algorithm that makes a bit more sense. To summerise, Fighting a player with a higher score than you will now give you more points than fighting one with less. The actual number of points awarded depends very much on the discrepency between the two players. Score related to ability and ranking. It pays players to fight better players (as long as they win!). At the end of each month scores are reset and it is assumed at this point all players are equal. One oddity you will notice is that first players are given 500 points even if they just kill themsleves! Although strictly not necessary, I have left this is an equal start block for people.

The Future

Anyway hopefully that explains the new score tables, I will keep an eye on them to ensure they are working as I hope. In the future I have much more planned for combat evolution as a whole and will added more features to the score system. Any feedback is most welcome, please feel free to drop over to the forum section on this site and add comments. In particular if you would rather scores updated more frequently than once a month let me know, or if there is any other kindof stat tracking you would like let me know.



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